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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends of Pamela and Angel,

The Christmas and the New Year celebrations in America were full of surprises for Pamela and Angel. But being the bold and inquisitive souls that they are, they jumped into the festivities with zest. They loved every minute of all that came. Much gratitude to those around them who made these joy filled moments possible.

Pamela and Angel attended church services in a variety of churches. They also stayed in several different homes because of very cold weather and their apartment is in an older home that couldn’t keep them warm. Still they put up lights on that home, had a tree with lights and ornaments, and received many gifts that surprised and delighted them. They found the world full of joy and thoughtfulness because of the kindness of God’s disciples and they praised God for all His goodness.

As the new year approached, the hospitality continued and Pamela even went sailing! Like all new adventures, she loved it! But on new Year’s Eve, she was laying in bed at midnight when the skies looked like they were on fire and the noises sounded like gunshots. Pamela was frightened and called her friend, Leah, who explained fireworks to her. Reassured that all was safe, Pamela went outside and joined her neighbors in lighting fireworks. She thought it was very fun and “now has more new friends”.

Angel continues to be seen by the Shriner’s doctors. She has had a patch on her skull that has continued to reject new skin. Doctors have been treating it during these past few weeks and the good news is that skin is now growing on it. Currently there is only a bald spot the size of a bean.

Angel has also had trouble with her newly attached left eyelid and so on the 10th she will have more surgery to hopefully correct its malfunction. Thankfully the procedure will only require an outpatient visit.

How grateful we all are that Shriners steadfastly oversees Angel’s health and progress every few weeks while the live in the Galveston community. In June, however, she will be re-admitted for more extensive surgeries.

The other significant news is that we have discovered that Angel has a passion for oogali. Oogali is a staple in Kenya life and is made from white corn maize flour and water. Many non-Kenyans do not find it very appealing but it is served at almost every Kenyan meal. Angel loves it and can’t get enough of it. It must be in the genes.

I have some photos to share with you who are following Pamela and Angel. Please continue to keep Pamela and Angel in prayer and thought. They have 19 1/2 years to go before Angel is discharged from Shriners care. Funds will always be needed to keep healing flowing to this child.