Latest surgery

Angel’s respite from medical procedures came to an end this week. She had another surgery on that stubborn left eyelid. This time they used some skin from the ear that was somewhat still intact hoping it would graft onto the eye better than the skin from her thigh. They also are trying to center her mouth by cutting her cheek and releasing the contracting scar tissue that is pulling the mouth to the left. I stand in awe of the knowledge and the procedures and the skills that these medical professionals have. I stand in utmost gratitude for the Shriners’ generosity that provides this care, this hope.

In the meantime, Pamela is adjusting to her new apartment in the hospital. She likes it a lot and Angel has been there with her nonstop. They have had time to play and take walks and nap and receive guests. They certainly have a big circle of friends that are varied but faithful. They are visited by their United Methodist friends. Some of those friends they met in Maua when the teams were there on mission trips. Some of their Methodist friends are from area churches. They also have a faithful group of friends who are medical students from the University of Texas. These students go to school across the street from the Burn Center and drop in to see Pamela and Angel routinely and bring their youthful enthusiasm and tenderness with them. Pamela and Angel have also been introduced to a circle of Kenyans who live and work in Galveston. They have come to the US for an education and have stayed to make a life for themselves. They found Angel and Pamela and have embraced them. They show up with Kenyan tea and Kenyan meals and Pamela is filled with memories of her home.

For all of you who remain loyal in your love of God and neighbor, be most blessed.

“We always thank God for all of you and pray for you constantly. As we pray to our God about you, we think of your faithful work, your loving deeds, and the enduring hope you have because of Jesus Christ.” 1 Thess 1:1

sue and jim


2 thoughts on “Latest surgery

  1. Rob Elder

    I ran into tall-hat Shriner guys at a Shriner’s-sponsored PGA golf tournament in Las Vegas in mid-October. Proceeds go to their hospitals, of course. I told them Pamela’s/Angel’s story, and they were very grateful/humbled to hear it, and I told them how very grateful I was for THEM.

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