A new apartment!

It continues to be a quiet time for Angel as the medical staff continues the respite time for Angel to “just be” a baby. They are giving her another 2 weeks to play and grow and smile and bounce and snuggle and sleep without tubes or pain. Pamela is delighted to have this time with Angel and you can hear it in her voice when she is asked, “How are you and how is Angel?” She answers with joy, “We are fine! We are having fun!”

They have also moved. It seems there was an apartment open on the first floor that would be private. Pamela found it hard to share space with another adult mother who doesn’t speak the same language, who is also grieving the injuries of her child and worried about the realities of not being home, and who needs sleep. As women they understood the pain of their shared situation but words couldn’t be exchanged that would soften the days or the practicalities of living in the same small space. And Angel who is in that same small space did not always cooperate by being quiet when others needed her to be quiet. So Pamela and Angel have moved and are by themselves. Both are more relaxed and content. A big thank you goes to Shriners’ staff for their diplomacy and thoughtful care of all their patients.

Another big thank you to all of you who keep visiting and calling Pamela. It means so much to her. She is such an extravert and thrives on conversation and laughter and hugs. You who have provided those gifts have given hope and comfort to a young woman far away from family and friends and familiar culture, a woman who faces an unknown future, a woman who lives each day in a medical facilty. This a challenging life for any one, but for a 23 year old it is especially hard. You make it possible. You are the strength of God’s love being manifested. You are the spiritual wings that lift her up. You are empowering her to be the sustaining mother that Angel needs. You are saving two lives.

Faith without works is dead. Here in our relationships with Pamela and Angel is life.

~ Sue


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