9/20 surgery update

Angel had a rough day on Friday the 20th. The scheduled surgery happened, but Angel was very uncomfortable for the following two days. Pamela said she cried a lot which is unusual for her. It is obviously very hard for Pamela too. She said she aches inside as she tries to soothe her daughter.

This last surgery did three things. 1) The left eye lid was re-grafted. It had not yet been successfully attached, but they believe after this surgery it will be.  2) There were also two spots on the skull that needed more skin.  3) A new area was also addressed. The skin on Angel’s cheek has been so badly scarred that it has pulled the mouth off center. The medical staff calls it a contracted site. So they cut the cheek and added skin to it to help the mouth become less pulled. They then put on a stretchy bandage that pulls on the skin to put it in place. I am guessing that this is what was painful for Angel.

But both Angel and Pamela are quick to be positive. By Sunday, Pamela says that Angel was smiling again and feeling bouncy. She tried some new solid baby foods and liked them…apples and carrots. She was very clear however that she did not like the jar of beef. I told Pamela that it was obvious that Angel was a vegetarian in the making. Pamela thinks she might do the same because she loves American veggies!

Pamela also wants me to convey how grateful she is for the visits and the phone calls and the sense of friendship that surrounds her.

But that sense of belonging to one another no matter who we are has only been heightened by the tragedy in Nairobi. Those who have been killed, injured, traumatized by the horrendous event in the mall are also our brothers and sisters. They too need us to surround them with our prayers and love. They too are our family and surely we ache as they ache.

We are one in the Spirit.

~ Sue


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