Surgery update

Angel had a 5 hour surgical procedure last Friday (Sept 6th). The doctors needed to redo the eyelids because the previous graft was not taking. So they took more skin from her thighs and grafted the new skin onto her eye muscles once again. They then bandaged the eyes until yesterday when the bandages were removed. The results look good. It seems the eyelids are opening and closing now as hoped for. Pray that the grafting will take and there will be no further need for more surgery. And give God thanks for the amazing medical procedures that are helping this little girl.

During this same surgery the surgeons grafted some skin from Angel’s neck to her upper lip. They have begun to rebuild her mouth. It is a much needed surgery but it will be a long process.

Through it all, Angel talks and smiles and loves swinging in her swing and going for walks in her stroller through the hospital. There was even a walk in the stroller outside the hospital on the day before the surgery. That was a delightful excursion for both Pamela and Angel.

Last Friday was also Pamela’s birthday. Thank you to all of you who sent cards and visited her over the weekend. What a joy you all are to this young woman (23 years old now). Your involvement keeps her spirits up and helps her in this transition from a culture that is very social and very relational to this strange and foreign land. I cannot tell you how important you are to her.

Thank you also to the University of Texas med students for their gift of friendship. They came on Friday with a cake and birthday wishes. They were joined by other new Kenyan friends who have discovered Pamela and Angel but who live in Galveston. Who would have guessed that such a thing could happen? Is our God not big and far reaching and a unifying force in all of our lives?

Be One in the Spirit.

~ Sue


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