New bottle!

I am writing from Denver. I arrived today to visit daughter and her family. But I also called Pamela to hear about Angel. This is the first day in two weeks that I haven’t been with them.

There was good news! Pamela said the nurses went shopping to find a differently shaped bottle. The ones they had just weren’t conducive to Angel’s sucking. Instead of sucking, she has been biting the nipple and playing with it. A few drops do leak down her throat but she is not getting enough nutrients. Without the ability to be bottle fed, Angel is necessarily attached to a feeding tube. The success of her grafting is largely influenced by the amount of nutrients she takes in.

But a bottle was found and she was able to drink 3 ounces in one sitting. Major accomplishment. We hope that she can soon move into Pamela’s room and out of ICU as soon as a routine eating pattern is established.

Whether Pamela and Angel are required to stay in the room in isolation will depend on the demise of the bacterial infection. She must have three negative cultures before she is pronounced rid of the bacteria. The last two cultures were negative and if she gets a third negative, we will have side stepped isolation. That would be most wonderful because then Pamela can take Angel out and about around the hospital.

There is another thing to be grateful for. The University of Texas med students who met Pamela and Angel in Maua when they were there to study mission medicine have continued their friendship with them. They have had a fund raiser and used the monies to buy Angel a stroller and other useful baby things and clothes for Pamela. They have brought pizza and friends to the hospital just for fun. They continue to call and visit and encourage Pamela and they generously share their love with Angel. I have included a few photos of them.

Always Pamela and I are full of praise for all of you who offer your ongoing endless love and prayers and support. Your presence in these lives makes a difference. May God bless you.

~ Sue

august 30 angel 021 august 30 angel 007 august 30 angel 017


One thought on “New bottle!

  1. Rob Elder

    Oh, please tell our UTMB friends hello from Oregon! Thanks so much for the pictures of Angel and Pamela and Angel’s room. She is so precious!


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