An Avalanche of Grace

The wonderful thing about the Pamela/Angel story is that many people are calling and offering their prayers and help. I feel like I am in an avalanche of Grace. It really is amazing how strong God’s love is and how it has captured so many of us.

Pamela and Angel are both very grateful to be here (I am assuming that Angel agrees with that). Both are also very absorbed by the process as am I. It is intense and painful for Angel as she endures procedures, and for mom and I as we watch. It is so hard to see a little one have to hurt. And the truth is she has hurt all of her life (at least from 4 days on), and I don’t see an end in sight. Shriner’s has told Pamela that she will need to bring Angel back every year for 20 years.

That in itself is amazing when I remember that this is all free medical care. And the care is so thorough and skilled. Pamela said the other day that “everything here is so excellent!” Then she added, “I like excellent!”

Me too.

With this excellence, Angel is growing. She has a nutritionist helping fortify her diet. She has a child development specialist following and guiding her into age appropriate behavior. She has a physical therapist and an occupational therapist stretching her abilities, and mom has a psychologist who she talks with every week. There are also weekly appointments with doctors galore. The result is that Angel is much more interactive, smiley, fat, and engaged in the world around her. It has only been two weeks but it is fun to watch her blossom. I just wish she wasn’t so badly burned.

There are, however, children here who have been burned much worse than Angel. They too, are developing to the fullest of their ability. I was talking to a 22 year old Hispanic man who came here when he was 4, and this is his last year. He made the comment that the fire was a part of who he is, but it does not and will not, define him. His goal, he says, is to be a professional pilot. He wants to fly above the world. He says that as he sits before me with one stump and a badly deformed second hand. I believe he just might accomplish that dream because this is the man who has painted the lobby walls in beautiful ocean scenes with that deformed hand.

God’s miracles continue everywhere. Each of you are one of them. Keep shining.

Much love,



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