Infection delays Angel’s move to Pamela’s room

Good morning , caring friends. This is the day that the Lord has made and I am grateful for it.

Today is also the day that Angel was scheduled to leave the ICU and go to her Mom’s room. This has been delayed due to feeding issues, Angel has to learn to eat from a bottle. It may take a little bit of time.

It seems this bacterial infection is very stubborn and contagious. It is a hospital bacteria that seems to follow and settle upon burn patients. It is not a Kenyan germ nor a Mexican germ. Just good old USA germ, but one that is very resistant to antibiotics. Angel has it in her sputum and on her scalp where the grafting has taken place. So she will not be able to leave Pamela’s room until 3 negative cultures have been obtained (except to meet with the doctors in the TUB room). No one knows how long the bacteria will resist.

Pamela can only come out of the room if there is another person “baby sitting” Angel. Only one person is allowed in the room at a time with Angel, and Pamela can only be gone 1 hour. But that will give her time to do her wash, grab a meal in the cafeteria, walk around outside, etc.

Angel has had her first visit to the TUB room. Neither Pamela nor I were present but we were told that she had a bath and she loved it! They also took off the bandages from her head and her legs. The grafting is taking well and everyone is very pleased. And she looks so cute! There is some hair on top of her head and in the back. And the places where they removed skin from her legs are also healing well. Yesterday was a play day and she sat in Pamela’s lap and made funny noises, stared and grabbed at the toys that made noises and moved, and was a happy girl (except for the medicine thing).

I send each of you my love and I send it also on behalf of Pamela and Angel. You have given witness to the love of God in profound ways and everyone who receives your presence and your acts of kindness has received Christ. May you feel his joy within you.

~ Sue


2 thoughts on “Infection delays Angel’s move to Pamela’s room

  1. Rob Elder

    Thanks so much for these posts, Sue. We are deeply interested in each one, of course! Bless you, sweet sister. And of course, blessings to Pamela and Angel.


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