Infection causes setback

Just an update on baby Angel as of 8/25….

It seems that the hospital staff has identified an infectious bacteria in Angel that has been causing her fever. It also seems to be resistant to most of the antibiotics that they have given her. They think they have two antibiotics identified that will fight this bug but they need to isolate Angel and Pamela. I think they will be moving both of them into Pamela’s room today or tomorrow. Once there, they are not going to be allowed out of the room until there are 3 negative cultures which they are estimating to take about 6 weeks to obtain. Pamela will take Angel only to the “tub room” once a day to meet with the doctors and then she and Angel must stay in her room. All other appointments with therapists, counselors, dietitians, child development specialists, etc. will come to her room.

When I asked Pamela how she felt about this, she said, “Sad, but I did 6 months at Maua. I can do 6 weeks here.” She then smiled and said , “At least now I have a laptop and a phone.”

Thank you to those of you who have made the laptop and phone possible. They do say that visitors from out side of the hospital (like you and me) can visit in the evenings and on Sat and Sun afternoons. I would think those visits will be especially important now. I will leave on Sat, Aug 31st and I know Pamela is worried about being lonely.

There is also this. Yesterday while we were at church, Angel had minor surgery in her room to replace two grafted patches that were not taking. They had some of her skin in the freezer and they took off the older skin and replaced it with the newer skin. Pray that this will take and her skull can begin to have healthy new skin.

And today they will have to do more work on one of the eye lids that is not grafting properly. Again it will be a small surgical procedure in her room. Again it will be a treatment that involves trauma to this baby who has had so much already and has much more ahead of her.

I am grateful to each of you and your on going presence in Pamela and Angel’s lives. God’s Grace is present and trustworthy and true even when it is hard to see.

~ Sue


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